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All Guilds Meeting - March 2015

Retrato de Doobes

2015 continues to roll along and as always, the monthly All Guilds Meeting took place in Kirel.  For those that missed it...and a few did drop in late...we have the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs to help catch everyone up.

Here's what happened:

May's All Guilds Meeting

Doobes asked for anyone who would be interested in moderating May's All Guilds Meeting (May 2nd) to PM him on the forums as he will be in the middle of moving during that time.

Fabulous Magical Treasure

Mister Magic was first to talk about the latest news for FMT.  The ten part saga, which has been online for over a month, is in the process of being translated into multiple languages.

French, MM's native language, will be the first released on April 16th at 13:00 KI Time.  There will also be a new light show in a special instance of the city at that time as well!

You can try FMT yourself by PMing the Game Master avatar (KI # 26224).  For more information, you can visit Mister Magic's official site.

Fan Art Competition

Janeerah came in for Max to announce the results of the fifth anniversary's fan art competition.  After speaking with Cyan, it has been determined that...not just 5...but all 11 participants would be getting a poster for their fine work!  Congratulations to all that participated and thank you to Cyan for generously providing the prizes!

Raverly's Hood

Doobes stepped in to mention a monthly gathering for knitters, crochet experts, etc that will be taking place in Raverly's Hood the first Sunday of each month at 12:00 KI time in the aforementioned hood.  Anyone interested in chatting and sharing their work is welcome to attend.

The Adventures of Angelmyst

Doobes also reiterated that angelmyst is hosting a story night, featuring The Adventures of Angelmyst.  It started last Tuesday (March 3rd) and will be continuing for the next 8 weeks.  You can listen in by going to the Cavern Events' Hood at 18:00 KI time.  The next meeting will be March 10th.

Whilyam - Tosholek

Whil was next to talk about the latest news with his restored cavern location, Tosholek (aka Sholek's Temple).  The latest version has been released for offline URU and, once a few bugs have been fixed in the transfer process, it should be available on the various online shards.  It also features new artwork from Keith "Tweek" Lord, and the Great Zero beam is also visible from this location!

For updates on Whil's projects, visit his IC blog!

MystiTech Productions

Vector Prime and NoraLP finished up the meeting by thanking everyone who participated in filming the large crowd scene for The Lost Art, their machinima project.  There will be future crowd shots needed (with costumes!), but it will hinge on getting fan Ages into MOULa first.  They thank everyone for their continued support.


The CAVCON was sitting at a healthy 4.3 as of February 23rd.  Keep those donations coming!

April's AGM will be on April 4th at 13:00 KI time.  Until then!

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